'The Vampire Diaries' Star Nina Dobrev Says Teachers Can't Be Creepy If They're Cute

Although Nina Dobrev’s ‘Vampire Diaries’ character Elena Gilbert just celebrated her 18th birthday, the Virgina high-schooler is wise beyond her years.

“She’s 18 going on 35 with all the problems that she has in her life,” Dobrev told AOL TV during a visit to the Atlanta ‘Vampire Diaries’ set.

Those problems include taking care of her little brother, chasing after her now-evil vampire boyfriend, hiding from the half-vampire-half-werewolf hybrid who thinks he killed her in a sacrifice ritual and, oh yeah, going to high school. In other words, “she’s a kid dealing with grown-up problems,” Dobrev said.

read what Nina has to say over at aoltv.com

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