The Vampire Diaries: 'Handle with Care' – Review

Warning! Spoilers!

Here, there, and everywhere in Mystic falls, a doppelganger.

Last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, another doppelganger was added to the twisted mix. Damon saw his carefully laid-out plan and promises fail on many levels as underestimated himself.

As the episode opens, Katherine (Nina Dobrev) is satisfying her unquenchable appetite for food in a local diner. When the waitress complements her hair, Katherine holds up the napkin dispenser and to her horror, sees big strands of white hair. (Yikes. Is her human age catching up with her?)

At the Salvatore house, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) are enjoying a relaxing day on the couch. But that is disrupted when Silas (Paul Wesley) barges in and declares how delighted he is that after 2,000 years, he can die and be reunited with Amara, who Tessa killed all those years ago.

Meanwhile, Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Tessa (Janina Gavankar) are engaged in their own quiet time together, at her cabin. Tessa wakes up a hung-over Stefan on her couch and recounts how they spent the previous night, doing body shots of tequila off each other. Stefan still without his memory, doesn’t remember any of it (he’s lost his short term memory too?). Tessa tells him she is excited to learn from a text on his phone last night, that Silas took the cure, is a witch, and she can now kill him.

Back to the Salvatore house, Silas recruits Damon and Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) to aid him in his search for the anchor that Tessa has hidden in a stockyard in New Jersey. They only have sundown until Tessa tries to kill him. Silas confirms to Elena that he will keep his promise to bring back Bonnie before he dies. He tells Elena she’s too much of a distraction to go along with them, and shoots an arrow into her calf to make his point after she protests.

Tessa explains to Stefan that Silas needs the anchor to destroy her spell that created supernatural limbo so when he dies, he’ll be with Amara on the other side. Added to the mix, are the Travelers who move the anchor every few thousand years so it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. They are hunting Silas to kill him because they also want him trapped in supernatural limbo. Tessa tries to leave the cabin, but Silas has put a spell on it to prevent her and Stefan, from leaving until sundown. (Smart boy!)

At Whitmore College, Katherine dyes her hair (don’t want to show your age!)
and is confronted by Caroline (Candice Accola) after she realizes she’s not Elena. Having no where to go since Damon kicked her out of the Salvatore home, Katherine makes a deal with her. In exchange for sharing the dorm room with her, she’ll teach Caroline “Villan 101” to deal with creepy Dr. Maxfield.

Meanwhile, Tessa calls Elena and tricks her into coming to the cabin under the false pretenses that Stefan slept with her. Elena apologizes to Stefan for what she and Damon allowed Tessa to do. Stefan denies he’s sleeping with Tessa and she admits to lying to get Elena there. When Elena goes to leave, she finds she can’t, just like them.

Katherine and Caroline pay a visit to Dr Maxfield (Rick Cosnett) in his lab. First, they steal his tape recorder as he’s recording his blood findings, then Katherine injects him in the neck with something to knock him out.

Silas, Damon, and Jeremy arrive at the New Jersey stockyard and break into a warehouse full of crates to be shipped. Silas confirms it is the warehouse that he saw when he looked into Tessa’s mind. Because Tessa created it after she locked him into a supernatural tomb, Silas admits he doesn’t know where the anchor is, or what it looks like.

Back at the college, Katherine and Caroline have tied Dr Westfield to a chair in his lab. When he comes to, Caroline says they are going to drain him of his vevarian blood, then compel him to forget that she and Elena are vampires. Caroline makes a guesstimate of how much to drain (hilarious math calculation!) and his blood drains into a beaker. Katherine asks Westfield who else knows about them. He warns them that secret society suspects Elena of a being vampire; that the society is gathering on campus that day and was going to invite her as a candidate. Katherine says she’ll go and convince them she’s not a vampire, throwing she’ll have no problem getting past the threshold. (Westfield looks so confused!)

At the warehouse, Bonnie (Kat Graham) checks in with Jeremy and he assures her that today when she’ll be finally with him. Silas tells Damon they need to find the anchor before the Travelers show up. They hate Silas for creating the immortality spell and don’t want him to have the anchor, because it’s the one thing keeping him and Amara from being together. Damon receives a call from Tessa, who asks him to kill Silas before he finds the anchor, since she can’t do it herself. Damon says he can’t, because Silas has to do something for him first. Tessa says she lured Elena to the cabin and will kill her at sundown if Damon doesn’t kill Silas.

Katherine gets into the secret society meeting. She shocks Diane Freeman, (Sabina Mayfield) (the investigator who met interviewed her the night her roommate was murdered), as she waltzes over the threshold without an invitation. Katherine heads to the food table and simultaneously wolfs down almost everything she sees while stuffing more food into her purse. Aaron (Shaun Sipos) amusingly reintroduces himself as she pretends to recognize him. She asks him if he’s part of the secret society, to which he replies he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Katherine then chokes and coughs up a tooth, which freaks her out and she leaves.

Back at the cabin, Tessa and Stefan mull over what kind of pizza to order and joking asks Elena why she’s sad. Elena reveals she’s upset because Silas’ plan was to bring Bonnie back that day, but that Tessa told Damon to kill Silas before he could. Stefan thinks about Elena said, and suggests to Tessa that he’ll cook them something for them. (You can see the wheels spinning in Stefan’s head!)

Damon tells Jeremy that the plan to bring Bonnie back is off. Jeremy is angry and says he promised Elena. Damon says Tessa is threatening to kill Elena if he doesn’t kill Silas. Bonnie tells Jeremy that it’s okay. She doesn’t want one of her friends to die to bring her back to life, and she’s accepted that she’s dead. She tells him to go help Damon kill Silas. Two Travelers corner Damon in the warehouse and try to kill him by disabling his daylight ring. They tell him they don’t want Silas dead yet. Damon expertly kills them both.

Back at the lab, Caroline compels Dr. Maxfield and asks what the secret society is and how you become a member. He says it’s called Augustine, and most recruits are legacies or known for their extraordinary talents. Caroline asks why he covered up her roommate’s death. He said because she was killed by the Augustine vampire — the secret society’s own vampire. Before he can tell her who the vampire is, they are interrupted by Diane Freeman. Caroline compels him to forget what happened and remember that she and Elena are not vampires. Freeman recounts Elena being able to enter the Whitmore party without invitation and concludes she’s not a vampire. Maxfield says he has no idea why he thought she was.

At the cabin, Stefan communicates to Elena that he doesn’t hate her and won’t let Tessa hurt her. Tessa calls Damon who reports the Travelers appearance. She said they want Silas’ blood because it’s the cure, which they want for the anchor that Tessa bound it to. The anchor is something that Silas couldn’t destroy. Stefan stabs Tessa in the stomach and he and Elena escape.

Damon figures out the anchor is Amara. Cut to Silas who is opening up one of the crates and uncovers to his shock, Amara (Nina Dobrev), who is still alive. He uses one of the dead Travelers’ to feed her and bring her out of her plaster caster. She tells Silas that Tessa lied; she couldn’t kill her because there was only one cure, and she wanted it for him. He tells her he’s taken the cure because he wanted to be with her. When Amara realizes the cure is in his veins, she pierces his neck and drinks from him. She says she can’t live another day. (Not good. She’s human again)

Katherine shows up at the lab and gives a surprised Dr Westfield his tape recorder back. She asks him if Subject 65247 is the Augustine vampire. She threatens to expose his vampire experiments and the Augustine vampire unless he helps her. She tells him she’s Katherine and that Elena is her doppelganger. She then shows him her tooth and says she might be dying and wants him to save her life. (Now things are getting interesting!)

Back at the Salvatore house, Elena thanks Stefan for saving her life. Bonnie appears and tells Jeremy to let everyone know it’s okay that they failed in bringing her back. Elena said it’s not over and they’ll keep trying. Damon isn’t so optimistic; Silas is missing, and Amara is cured which means she’s easy to kill. The fate of Bonnie now rests with Amara, who they need to protect. To explain why, Damon takes Elena out to the SUV, opens up the trunk and there is a bound and gagged Amara. Damon introduces them to each other.

Meanwhile, Stefan has gone to see Tessa at the cabin to help her with her wound (Hmmm. Conflicted feelings?). She proceeds to put his painful memories back — killing his father, forcing Damon to become a vampire, having self-hate until he found Elena, and how he drowned repeatedly in the safe all summer. She tells him to always remember it was her, not Damon or Elena, that rescued him from his watery grave.

A lot of questions as usual about the episode! Is Silas still alive? Will Amara being human bring a new set of problems? Is Katherine being 500 years old, catching up with her? Will Dr. Maxfield help her or recruit her? Who is the Augustine vampire, could it be Aaron? Was Elena’s father a member of the secret society? What is the secret society’s purpose? Will Caroline tell Elena what is going on with Maxfield and the society?

What did you think of this week’s episode?

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