THE INSIDER: NINA DOBREV "Award shows are like theme parties."

We admit it: we use our addiction to The Vampire Diaries as an excuse to stay at home on Thursday nights- tonight included. But on Sunday night at the Emmy Awards, series star Nina Dobrev took over our TVs for a different reason- her showstopping Donna Karan dress- giving us a whole other reason to love her. On a rare day off, the 22-year-old actress fill us in about the show, her (other) TV favorites, and….oh yeah, that dress.

You were just in LA for the Emmys, and you film The Vampire Diaries in Atlanta. Where in the world is Nina right now? I’m at my place in Atlanta. I had a rare day off, so I slept in and tried to rest up from all the Emmys craziness.

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