(SPOLIER) 4×07 "My Brother's Keeper" Recap/Review

This recap includes spoilers and if you have not viewed the episode, then please don’t read any further!

It’s that time again! The Miss Mystic Falls pageant comes back in this episode, and we all know many things go down at Mystic Falls parties!

Stefan tells Damon that Elena and him broke up, which was a good day for Damon. Stefan calls Caroline to keep him in line since the breakup has messed with his bloodlust. Caroline wasn’t happy with Elena choosing Damon over Stefan. Elena told Caroline that she still loved Stefan, but that her feelings for Damon have become more intense. Caroline made Stefan promise that he wouldn’t stop looking for the cure. Elena tells Damon that they “need to talk” and confesses to him that he was the reason for the breakup.

April Young is entering the pageant this year and can’t decide what dress to wear- red or blue. Caroline and Elena both agree April should wear the blue dress. However, Damon interrupts and says he likes the red dress. Elena then changes her mind and chooses the red dress, and Caroline is puzzled why Elena chose the red dress that she did not like a few minutes ago before Damon barged in.

Jeremy is supposed to be April’s escort. Stefan texts Jeremy and tells him to meet at the Lockwood Cellar, and to tell no one. When he gets to the cellar, Stefan has an ex-con chained up. Stefan went to the hospital and turned the con, so Jeremy could kill him. Stefan forces Jeremy to kill the felon and then asks to see Jeremy’s hunter mark to see if it grew. Jeremy yells at Stefan and refuses to show him the mark. Oh, and did we mention Jeremy is having nightmares about killing vampires- particularly Elena?

After killing the vampire, Jeremy wanted to kill vampires more than ever. He goes home and grabs tons of weapons and straps them to himself and then heads to the pageant. Jeremy didn’t get to the pageant in time to escort April, so Matt stepped in so April wouldn’t be abandoned. However, Jeremy did run into April later and told her that her father and the council died heroes and that they did the right thing for the town.

Jeremy arrives at the pageant and Elena tracks him down. Jeremy said all he could think about was killing vampires, and that he didn’t want to hurt Elena, but the urge was too strong. Jeremy cut his wrist, attracting Elena to the blood and then stakes her in the neck! Stefan showed up and put an end to the violence. After seeing Jeremy’s hunter side, Elena said that she didn’t want a cure if it meant that Jeremy would lose his humanity. Stefan admitted he wants the “fix” Elena and she told Stefan to let the old Elena go.

Caroline was the head of the pageant this year, making sure everything ran smoothly. Klaus also attended the pageant because Caroline agreed to go on a date with him. The two actually had a nice time, enjoying drinks and conversation. The two also talked about the cure and if/why they would or would not take it. Tyler and Hayley then show up and Tyler gets jealous that Klaus is with Caroline.

Professor Shane is at the pageant as a judge. Damon tried to find out more information about Shane and his connection to Pastor Young and the explosion at the farmhouse. Damon also wanted to know where he could find another hunter, but Shane said that he didn’t know any since it is hard to track one down. Shane told Damon that when they find the cure that they would need him. Shane said the cure is sealed with a spell that only a Bennett witch can break. Shane told Damon that he was the only one who could help Bonnie get back into magic and for that Damon needed him alive.

Later, Tyler sees Hayley talking to Shane and asks if she knows him. She told Tyler she just met him and was talking to him because he was hot and smart. Caroline then announced the winner of the Miss Mystic Falls pageant- April Young!

In order to protect herself, Elena moves out of the Gilbert house. Matt moves in with Jeremy to help keep an eye on him. Elena moves into the Salvatore mansion, which leaves Stefan pretty much kicked out of his house because of Damon and Elena’s budding relationship. Stefan goes over to see his “sober sponsor” Caroline. Elena told Damon that she didn’t think she was great at being a vampire. He told her that he has never seen her more alive. And then it happens- they get hot and heavy and sleep together!

Meanwhile, Caroline realized that Damon has been the magic solution whenever Elena had a problem. Elena has tended to side with Damon, and agree with Damon even more since transitioning. Caroline realizes that Elena is sired to Damon, since his blood turned her. This is a rare thing to happen to people who turn into vampires, but Damon mentioned in the previous season that it can happen.

Also throughout this episode, we saw Hayley and Tyler helping another hybrid break Klaus’ sire bond. At the end of the episode, we see Hayley talking to Professor Shane. Hayley tells Shane that they “had another one,” meaning another hybrid is free of their sire bond. Shane then said they would discuss Tyler’s involvement once the last sire bond is broken. What could Hayley be up to?


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