(SPOILER) 4×06 "We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes" Recap/Review

This recap includes spoilers and if you have not viewed the episode, then please don’t read any further!

As the episode begins, Elena is having trouble sleeping. She goes downstairs only to see Connor, the vampire hunter she killed, appear as a hallucination. Elena kept telling herself he was just a ghost, and then Connor grabbed her. Elena took a knife and stabbed Connor in the neck, only to realize that she really stabbed Jeremy in the neck. Thank goodness, Jeremy was wearing his ring.

Damon comes over to help Elena with the Jeremy situation and she told him she did not want to see Stefan, who then comes over on his own. Elena is still mad at Stefan for not protecting Jeremy and saving Connor and not telling her why he needed Connor alive. Elena tells Stefan to leave and that her brother’s blood is on her hands and it is all because of him.

Klaus tells Stefan that the person who kills a hunter will suffer from terrifying hallucinations, and just because Connor is dead, does not mean that he won’t make Elena his final vampire kill. After running out of the house from seeing Connor again, Elena is grabbed by Klaus and taken to his home. She is put in a room with no windows, preventing her from taking off her daylight ring and killing herself. Elena tells Klaus she won’t kill herself, but Klaus says that after suffering from the hallucinations, she will want to. Klaus reveals he suffered from hallucinations for 52 years, 4 months and 9 days after killing the original “five” hunters, and one day the hallucinations just went away. Elena thinks this is why Stefan and Klaus were involved and working together, and Klaus tells her that Stefan knew that Connor had to be kept alive. Klaus was unsure of what else Stefan knew.

Klaus warns Elena that the hallucinations might appear is strange forms…

Katherine is back! Although she is just a hallucination to torment Elena, it was very nice to see the Petrova vampire back again. Katherine told Elena that she would kill again until she was like Katherine. Katherine wondered what Stefan thought of the new vampire Elena, since the girl he fell in love with was gone. Katherine also mentioned how Elena’s friends have gotten hurt because of her, and asks Elena if she ever wondered that Bonnie might secretly hate her.

Meanwhile, Caroline goes over to the Lockwood house and gives Tyler back a box of his belongings. Klaus assumed Caroline had met Hayley and that Tyler and Caroline were over. Once Klaus leaves, it is revealed that it was all just a ruse, and that Hayley warned Caroline that Klaus was there.

Matt and Jeremy help Professor Shane set up an Occult exhibit at the school. Jeremy tells Matt about seeing his hunter’s mark. April mentions to the guys that Professor Shane looked familiar, and that she remembered him through her father. Damon and Bonnie show up to the exhibit and ask Professor Shane if he knows anything about the hunter’s mark and show him the sketch that Jeremy drew. Shane told them that the person who killed a hunter would be tortured until the legacy continued on. Shane then went to grab his research and Damon called “little Gilbert” and told him his services were needed. Bonnie was unaware that Jeremy was a potential hunter.

In order to get Elena back, Caroline is sent to the Grill to distract Klaus. Stefan and Tyler manage to rescue Elena from Klaus’ home, with the help of un-sired hybrid Chris. Elena mistakes Stefan for Connor and stabs him. She then runs to Wickery Bridge, where she sees a hallucination of her mother. Caroline then hears of Elena’s disappearance and confesses to Klaus that they learned how to stop the hallucinations.

At Wickery Bridge, Elena’s mother tells her daughter that this is where her life should have ended twice. Elena decided she was ready to die, and dropped her daylight ring into the water. At the Lockwood house, Jeremy kills Chris. Elena’s hallucinations end, and she sees Damon at the bridge. He came to find her, and then realized her ring was gone just as the sun was rising. He grabbed Elena and jumped into the water.

Elena wakes up in her bed, with her ring on, which Damon found for her. She thanks Damon for saving her, and Damon confesses that the rough patch Elena and Stefan have been going through was all because Stefan was trying to help her. Damon tells Elena about the cure.

Elena and Stefan then have a conversation on the porch. Elena asks why he sent Damon to find her. Stefan says that lately Damon has been able to get through to her in ways that he couldn’t. Elena tells Stefan that she wants the cure so she can get back the cure she was, the girl that chose Stefan. The girl she’d become was different, and what and who she wanted was also different. Stefan tells Elena her feelings for Damon have been magnified and that he can’t do this anymore. And that, is the end of Stelena.

Caroline tells Tyler that she convinced Klaus to give up a hybrid by agreeing to go on a date with him. She was hoping this would keep up the “Tyler/Caroline break up” ruse. Shane tells Bonnie that once Jeremy completed his hunter’s mark that she would want to come to him because he is the only one who will be able to help.
At the Grill, Matt tells Damon he did some digging on the connection between Pastor Young and Professor Shane. Turns out, the month before he was killed, Pastor Young called Professor Shane once every day. On the day of the explosion at the farmhouse, Pastor Young called Shane ten times.

*REMINDER: There is not a new episode of TVD next week. TVD will return with an all NEW episode Thursday, November 29th!


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