Nina Dobrev in CBS Watch! Magazine

Dobrev Diaries

“Nina is the girl next door, but at the same time she’s enviably gorgeous and has really come into her own, fashion-wise,” says Danielle Nussbaum, entertainment editor of Teen Vogue (which put Dobrev on the April cover). “She topped all the best- dressed lists rocking that uber-glam red Donna Karan dress at the Emmys, and her street style is cool and casual. Also, it helps that she’s accessible. She tweets [Dobrev has more than 1 million followers], she talks to fans and she is genuinely BFF with her castmates. Nina’s the friend you want and the friend you’d want to be.”

She’s got the boyfriend all the girls want as well— Dobrev and co-star Ian Somerhalder, who plays vampire Damon Salvatore, came out as a couple on that same Emmy red carpet.

On her way to the Georgia-based set where Vampire Diaries is filming its third season, Dobrev sounds happy if a little tired. “We’ll be working till 5 or 6 this morning, basically till the sun comes up,” she says. Playing both Elena, the show’s starry-eyed orphan protagonist, and Katherine, Elena’s Civil War-era vampire doppelgänger, means that Dobrev pulls double duty at work. Is that fair? “Not everything in life is fair,” she says, “but it keeps me on my toes.”

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