EW's 13 Most Unfortunate TV Characters f/ Elena Gilbert

Elena Gilbert, The Vampire Diaries (2009-present)
Outrageous misfortunes:
Barely survived a car crash that killed both her parents; watched her biological mother burn alive; discovered her biological father bleeding to death and her brother attempting suicide on the same night; kidnapped by a vampire; watched her aunt die; briefly died, surviving only because her birth father gave his life for hers; watched her beloved guardian transform into an evil vampire; suffered a cerebral hemorrhage; drowned in the same spot where her parents died; became a vampire against her wishes; subjected to the hunter’s curse, driving her to attempt to kill herself; found out she was sired to Damon after picking him over Stefan; suffered the death of her brother; was tortured in an attempt to get her to turn her humanity back on; finally turned her humanity back on only to be overwhelmed by pain and anger; will soon discover that her best friend traded her life for Elena’s brother’s.
The bottom line: Did F. Scott Fitzgerald write The Beautiful and Damned about Elena?

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