Congrats to TVD's Nina, Ian, Paul and Joseph for topping @SFX's top 50 vamps of 2012

1. Damon Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries)

Played by: Ian Somerhalder

So here he is. The man who’s has deposed Spike from the number one spot. And who could begrudge him? Damon is the new Spike: bad boy? Check. Sharp wit? Check. Willingness to go shirtless? Check? Initially loathed by the show’s heroine but now looking more likely to get in her knickers? Check. Cheekbones? Well… they’re not in the Spike league, but Damon has his fruit machine eyes instead, rolling in ways that seem beyond human abilities.

There’s little doubt that Damon has been a major part in The Vampire Diaries’ success, and Ian Somerhalder has played him like a man gripping onto a buck bronco like his life depends on it. Somerhalder has moaned a bit lately that Damon gets beaten up once too often in the show, and he has a point. So expect some more ass-kicking in future, which can only consolidate his pole position, surely?

Ian is #1
Joseph is #7
Nina is #6
Paul is #15

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