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Named by Forbes as the number two 2017 Edupreneur in the United States, Vicki has been featured as a top female in the edtech world. She was a Computer Science teacher at a high school for 15 years. She started her popular blog Cool Cat Teacher in 2005 to teach her students how to blog. Now she even has a podcast show called "10 -Minute Teacher Show" where she is live 5 days a week, constantly interviewing other teachers with different curriculum and teaching ideas. I think many of you will find her podcasts intriguing to see how teachers shape their online curriculums. Davis has REALLY interesting dialogues like this one with Adam Jones who merged his classroom online with a classroom in Egypt.

I "ran" into Vicki's blog when I was doing the exploring digital citizenship post. She had a very intriguing interview with Ann Oro, which is someone I definitely recommend to follow as well. They are both currently in Chicago for the ISTE conference (click here to see ISTE standards). Vicki will be presenting on the following panels:

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  1. Thanks for showing me Viki Davis. I am sitting here now listening to podcast after podcast. I really like it! Why do you think more teachers aren’t using technology to interact with other cultures? It’s interesting to me that so few teachers are using technology to teach in a cross-cultural way. Maybe penpals are obsolete. Would you consider connecting your classroom with one in another country?

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