Fair Use guidelines for online teachers are something I have always wanted to learn about. This is the point that gives me anxiety. Especially if I want to teach about music. Music and art makes this all more complicated.

I know absolutely nothing, nada, zero about this subject.


Do these rules vary by school? 
By state? 
Online versus physical schools?

I guess to start off I would need to learn the difference between copyright, creative commons, public domain, and fair use. I didn't even know there were all of these. Only reason I know now is thanks to Google and their images for "copyright issues for teachers."

What would really help is if we had scenarios we could all vote on as a class. Maybe use a live poll and see what the class as a consensus thinks and then find out the right answer.

3 thoughts on “What I really, really want.”

  1. We will definitely cover a good portion of this (in particular the constellation of copyright, fair use, creative commons and the public domain) in the third segment of the class. And I always welcome real-life scenario questions!

    But I really like the idea of doing something with scenarios contributed by all of you + polling and discussion. I will implement something like this as part of Collection III or IV. If you have scenarios to share ahead of time, please share them as a post or email them to me or in some way get them out there…

    1. I see the links aren’t working in these black boxes either. Gonna have to look through all my posts to fix that. Sorry.

      When I was googling infographics I had seen one with an example something like “teacher photocopied a whole textbook and put it on a public domain” and students answered in the poll. Of course I can’t find it now, but this is the closest similar thing of examples (http://thevisualcommunicationguy.com/2014/07/14/can-i-use-that-picture/). Similar to the situation you Tweeted about. If you put it on Twitter as a poll, I would be so interested to see what we all think as a class on what is “right”.

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