For this assignment, I wanted to read how different teams experienced the "Collaborate (a little)" task and how they changed the factors themselves.

Rachel, Tracy, & Kat

This reflection shows how preparation and organization completes the task on time. This group is the only one to turn the assignment in on time and Rachael writes it was all thanks to Kat who "took the reign". So this makes me question our group changing number 2 on having a leader. Through my husband (who is also taking online classes and has to do group projects) and my experience, it really does make it come together when one person is in charge. The fact that they even did a timeline is so great and I will take that into account next time we have a group project. Dividing up the factors was a good method of having equal work among all members.
Our group deleted the fourth factor about the importance of making friendships and this group did a WONDERFUL moderation to include how "social etiquette of the workplace applies". Another factor change I really enjoyed from this group was number eight when doing decision making as a group to consider expertise backgrounds.
Poppet seems like a very neat brainstorming app too! Neat find Kat! I like how you embedded it on your site.

Melody & Erika

This group showed nice, blunt modifications for the factors. It also might be since it was only 2 people (Melody and Erika) there weren't that many suggestions and ideas for change. Making it easier to communicate and change the factors. My favorite was number three where they put "life happens". Short add and to the point. The only thing I disagreed on what that they kept being kind to group members is as important as completing the assignment. Being kind is the last thing a group leader is thinking about when a deadline is approaching and nobody is pulling their weight. Thats why my group decided to delete this one as a whole. 

Extra thoughts...

This was such an interactive group activity and I learned a lot from it and from other groups outcome. I think it's interesting how much we all depend on Google. My group and the two above all used Google docs to communicate. The only thing I wish to have seen from both groups is the Google doc itself. Just to see how they organized their thoughts and feedback. Communication grew harder the more team members there are on a group. Which is why I appreciated Rachael's input in stating what times work best for each team member. 

Both groups above agreed that for group projects to choose a group leader. Our group didn't but I have to agree with the groups above now. Through their reflections it shows how important it is. 

2 thoughts on “Weave It”

  1. I’m glad you chose the collaboration assignment for this post. It’s very convenient to have a synopsis of the different group’s experience all in one place.

    Working in a group can be challenging in person, but it was especially interesting to me to see those challenges augmented in a all online setting.

  2. The “kindness” thing is a challenge. I hate to infantilize people, so I don’t usually express it this way, but it’s kind of like being a parent when sometimes the best way to be kind is to be firm and stand behind the needs and demands you are placing on your child. So, while I understand simply deleting that characteristic, I’m always interested in what “kindness” means to different people in this context.

    I also agree that I wish more people had shared their actual process documents along the way…just to see how they went from Point A to Point B (or Z) in this assignment.

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