Trello is an online collaboration platform.

The above video was my actual first time trying to use it. The video was using the desktop online version. However, after I did that I downloaded the app onto my iPad and found that the app has Apple watch notifications and even access to iMessages (huge plus for reminders).

I believe this app could be useful for educational purposes. For example, in a small class, the teacher can outline the expectations on the "to do" and monitor throughout the course the "doing" or "done" that the student has completed. This platform is also useful for group projects and could be a solution for everybody to be accountable if the teacher is also in the group.

The platform is very easy to use and reminds me of the ease of use of Google calendars. As soon as you log in, there is even a "Welcome Board" to guide you step by step how to use it. It is no wonder it is used by so many companies. When looking at a job opportunity for VoiceThreads, one of the qualifications was familiarity with Trello. Very useful to practice around with in case of future job opportunities.