The Current Governor of Puerto Rico Guilty or Innocent in a 1994 DUI Crash?

The current governor of PR is the son of a previous governor, Pedro Rosello. In 2016 when he (the son) was running for governor, a HUGE scandal went viral ALL over social media with the following newspaper picture that implicated the governors son was drunk driving and killed a woman and her son in a DUI crash in 1994 (when his father was the governor). The bottom has a slight picture of the Ricardo Rosello, but I had to crop. The problem? Puerto Rico is so small that there were people who claim to be witnesses to this occurring, yet the media only spoke of it in the radio and in this apparent newspaper clipping. The witnesses claim that a government vehicle quickly came to pickup the governors son and escorted him off the crime scene, leaving Molinari Such (the governors godson) on the scene as the guilty individual. The accident did in fact occur (which I will mention below and nobody argues it didn't), but the argument is whether the governor was in the vehicle as the driver or not.

The link of the picture (click on it) leads to a website that has a headline "Sister of Mother and Son Killed in 1994 Accident Require Ricky Rosello to say the Truth". Β Criticism in the comment area suggest the website was made in 2016 before the elections as "fake media" saying Rosello is not guilty and Molinari was the driver. I verified that data in the screenshot above and it was created in 2016, so it could be biased. However, information about the trial outcome of Molinari Such (either the godson of the governor or nephew of his wife) is nowhere to be found on the web, except through the public comments in social media.

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Why didn't the media have more coverage of this if the accident did indeed happen? Nobody can track the picture, news and outcome of the case. The only reliable information on the web about 'Pueblo vs. Molinari Such' is an archive from newspaper El Nuevo Dia and a report from lawyer Alex M. Lopez Perez about cases affected by the media (p.11). They both inform the case was paused because of the radio informing the men as guilty made for a biased jury, especially since elections were coming up. The slogan of the opposing party was "if you are Rosello's friend, justice is different" and received a court order to stop until the end of election. All coverage from the media was stopped and information about the case is nowhere to be found on the Web. Only the people who were directly affected know the truth.

People are still outraged, including writer/journalist and activist Abimael Acosta who turned to his personal blog to write about the matter.Whatever happened to Molinari? Comments I read from the public in his blog state Molinari only served probation and was sent to the U.S. to complete college and is currently living in Italy (not verifiable).

The public continues to talk about this case, some claiming to be related to the murdered woman and son asking for justice. Celebrities, including B. Jacques even wrote a song about this case and another case when the current governor was seen in an ATV, allegedly intoxicated, in a Luquillo beach running over a turtle egg reservoir. Once stopped by the police, again mysteriously escorted off the beach in a government vehicle, but thats another case to investigate.

Did the ex-governor Pedro Rosello (known for his corruption as most of his committee were arrested) corrupt this case for his son and 'godson'? YES, is the answer. If Rosello or Molinari were the drivers is still up in the air. Either way neither of the two served time in jail for the murders (or for DUI or anything) and one of them is the current governor of the island.

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  1. This sounds much like the Chappaquiddick incident with Ted Kennedy when JFK was president. In all likelihood Ted Kennedy allowed his passenger to die so that he would not get into trouble. He didn’t report the crime for ten hours and the woman who was trapped inside the car drowned. For his part in the incident, he plead guilty to a charge of leaving the scene and got two months suspended jail time. He was also quite likely drunk at the time of the crash. People are supposed to be equal in front of the law, but often that is not the case.

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