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King of Thrones meme "brace yourself. group work is coming"

I think we can all agree on how frustrating group work can be, especially in distance courses. It's already hard enough to communicate in face to face classrooms, let alone in a virtual setting with strangers. In many online courses we as students have to reach out to each other via virtual methods and work around each others schedules (if all are even contributing). I think this assignment was the way to do it for group work. At the end of the day, we all had the same amount of responsibility. Also, the end product was a productive one that would be of use to us even after the course.

I was made aware how much of a procrastinator I am. Honestly the reminders of the professor of the deadline are what had me moving. I learned that reminders are not the responsibility of the professor, but that it helps with students staying on track.

I'm sure it was confusing in the beginning as some of us (including me) uploaded their information with either a different font or size or highlighted. Whoever made it all the same...thank you! This was the easiest flowing group work I have ever done. In the future, if I were to include group work in a class of mine it would be like this...a project from the class as a whole.

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  1. Nina, your comments are very useful and heartening. It’s not true that we hate group work – we hate BAD group work. Working collaboratively can be one of the most energizing and fulfilling experiences one can have. But it’s rare. I’m glad this assignment wasn’t terrible! 🙂

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