June Wall. Digital Citizenship vs. Digital Literacy - Is There A Difference?
"Is one part of the other? Do they stand alone? Can we teach one without the  other?"
Joel Westheimer & Joseph Kahne. What Kind of Citizen?
"If participatory citizens are organizing the food drive and personally responsible citizens are donating food, justice oriented citizens are asking why people are hungry and acting on what they discover."
"Their goal...is to produce kids that are active citizens in our community...kids that won't be afraid to go out and take part in their community...kids that understand that you have to have factual evidence to backup anything you say, anything you do."
"It's amazing how all this exploitation is all around us and stuff; I mean we are even wearing clothes and we don't have any idea who makes them, how much they're paid, or where they work."


Digital citizenship and digital literacy are two distinct terms, but can merge at times in regards to the person. Wall's questions were my favorite part of her reading because it brings to light how complex the definition of the terms are and the situations that vary in all of us in the digital realm. You can have data online or only have email, etc. and it doesn't mean you are digitally literate. First of all, being digitally literate has so many facets, just like in the Wertheimer and Kahne reading of different kinds of citizenship. What I thought was a strong point in that reading was how even though the students grew confident in community/governmental work, it didn't make them question structures in society responsibility over the individuals responsibility. Just because I am a digital citizen, doesn't mean I am literate enough to know how to control my personal data, be literate enough to question big data ethics, or be democratic enough to question inequities in regards to digital access.

Where I think they merge is that I don't think you can be digitally literate and not be a digital citizen because we only learn and become proficient through experience itself. Like theΒ Wertheimer and Kahne reading where students learned to become a better democratic citizen through the experience of the programs, classrooms should adapt similar situations for how to become a democratic digital citizen. How can students learn or feel like they can make a difference online? Not everything is GoFundMe.


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