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Poll Everywhere is a live polling application that can even sync into your Powerpoint presentation.

This past week I had a presentation about ethnography in my "Introduction to Applied Social Science Research" and I decided to give this app a try. The app was very easy to download and easy to use. The hard part was waiting for the presentation to see if it would indeed work. Even though I did practice with my husbands phone by sending him the poll. So once you write the question down on the poll, you can "activate it" and share with friends either with the link or by having them text a number that the website gives you. If you pay more money, the link and texting could be customized allowing for more clarity. Well all worked in the test run.

When it came time to present in class, the Powerpoint slide had not updated with the answers. However, I did have the poll open on the website which allowed for a quick backup when the error occurred and I was presenting a screenshare live.

Even though I had that technical mishap, I still recommend the app. The class was very engaged with the question and after it, we had a discussion giving a chance for those who answered "yes" or "no" to voice their opinion.

Hands down, great app! Definitely useful in the educational environment as it gives an opportunity for immediate feedback from the students. The pictures below are the examples of my poll and pricing options.

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