MY PLN before
Black powerpoint slide divided into four categories: connect, collect, reflect and share. 4 pictures: tree in brain for connect with nature, wood and fire in collect for collect wood, standing over fire to reflect and cooking smores over fire for share

Midway through the semester I edited the image to make it clearer to read. Now that the semester is over, all of the above are still relevant, but I would add a few more (especially after giving birth).


Connect:   friends. family. community. mail.
Collect:     memories. podcasts.
Reflect:    writing.  meditate.
Share:      moments (doing activities). Tweet.

In the beginning of the semester, I told myself I would subscribe/listen to new podcasts and follow the professionals interviewed. The first one was an epic fail because both of the professionals: Paul Rozin and Daniel Kahneman didn't have Twitter. Other professionals actually interacted with my tweets. For example, Patricia Russac with @theASIDEblog retweeted me, Voicethread platform liked my tweet and Larry Ferlazzo followed me (but idk if he stopped). This goes to show how social media allows us to actually connect or put us in contact with a professional which we follow.

In the beginning I listened to podcasts that have to do with my passion, food, and then moved to podcasts that had to do with education and edtech. Unfortunately, I did not keep up with the podcasts weekly. But when I did keep up with it, it did help me with my listening skills and with interacting with the class. For example, Chris actually listened to one of the podcasts I posted and Deana and Kat would reply or like my tweets. This was a good way to interact out of the classroom. One of the activities I enjoyed most was our #ed431 chat meet up. This platform was useful for its setting. In the beginning I couldn't see how we could interact with each other on social media, but this activity proved me wrong. Because if we don't interact outside of the classroom (in this case our own websites) then we don't really continue to include each other in our PLN's when the course is over.

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