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My Twitter ‘game’ is definitely not the same as it was last year. That is because our personal learning networks are constantly evolving. I personally feel as though connecting has gotten easier (thanks to technology), but what good are those connections if I have yet to build, collect or reflect on them? The same way we filter out what sites or information we find relevant online, we filter our connections to what is worth keeping or reflecting on.

New York taught me how to hustle and try to make as many connections (more so virtual) as I could. For example, I organized an event and reached out to and got a reply from Gen. Colin Powell himself thanks to this site. The only way this was possible was because…the internet. Thanks to Twitter I have been retweeted and even messaged from some of my role models in the food industry. I have constantly been adding to my food perspectives through Twitter and following this site. Although I follow a lot of different food profiles, I don’t reflect or Tweet my thoughts on them. Spending more time on other professional social networking sites such as LinkedIn is a goal I need to work on. Another goal will be to reflect more and share my ideas on such current matters. Also, since shifting to an education degree, I have yet to evaluate what journals or websites to follow. Education, like food, is a general theme with many diverse focuses. I just don’t know where to start.

Since moving to Sitka, the vibe has been different. Professional connections here are more physical. I realized this after trying to source local products for a company and emails didn’t work. Visiting businesses physically to present myself to the owner was my only solution. Through volunteering, working different jobs and attending events, I have tried to maintain the same connection flow as in New York, but it has been very draining. I have a family and I need to maintain a physical connection with them as well. Though, what is the perfect balance between professional/work life and personal/family life? It seems that continues to evolve as well.

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