This video is for mothers who are expecting or trying to conceive that want to breastfeed. You are probably thinking:

What on earth is she talking about?

As you may or may not know, I just gave birth a month ago. This past month has honestly been one of the hardest in my life as I wasn't able to exclusively breastfeed again. I joined a breastfeeding support group and have learned...I AM NOT ALONE. All the information I have found/advice has been from other mommas going through the same thing. Problem. It's in a private FB group. How can other mommas learn?

I made this video to introduce information for mothers going through a hard time and to somewhat normalize this struggle. New mothers are going through a stressful time and NOBODY talks about the stress for the mother…just about the expectations. I am into higher learning and from an 'instructor' perspective this is just aiming for freelance higher learning. Not enrolled adults in a course but adults that are yearning to learn or research before or during this experience. For that youtube video that you need in time of crisis.

The app I chose to use is called Biteable. I had Googled "make a video with graphics" and it was one of the first ones that popped up. I chose it because their site was more aesthetically pleasing to me than the other ones. Setting up was smooth, fast and easy. Everything seemed would go right in the app and it was very easy to use. The only cons I would say is that it gives you text limits and you can't edit the time of the video itself in the free version. So after I worked on the audio, the app didn't let me sync the slides with the audio and actually cut my audio off.
This is my rough sketch:

I tried to do my final draft on Adobe SPARK. Great platform and also easy to work with. But I was also having problems recording audio in this program too. They give 9 seconds to each slide and even though I tried to edit for more, it wasn't working. There aren't as many options for captions on their videos, but they have a lot of images which makes it easier to work with without having to Google and download images. They also have more music options. But they don't have an option where you can upload audio like in Bitable. It makes it inconvenient because when you record each slide individually it makes for different tones and inconsistency. But here it goes below:

This is the first draft of the full audio:


You want to have a baby and you want to breastfeed. Breastfeeding is (HAWWW) magical, natural...ALL YOUR BABY NEEDS. But what nobody tells you is…breastfeeding HURTS. In a US study of more than than 500 moms, 92% reported breastfeeding challenges by day 3 (Wagner et al). Nobody talks about the difficulties you can endure. Bleeding nipples, latching, soreness, lack of milk leading to engorgement.. What can you do?

Take a deep breath. Just cuz nobody talks about it doesn’t mean you are alone. Many mothers are experiencing the same difficulties. If you want to continue breastfeeding but your nipples need a break, try nipple shields or try different positions for your baby. Want to breastfeed but having latching issues? maybe your kid has a tongue or lip tie…try pumping. Nowadays, many insurance companies even cover breast pumps and accessories. And if you don’t want to breastfeed or you’ve tried everything else and its not working for you…theres (tum tum tuuuum) FORMULA. Technology is awesome.

Things to know when you try formula. Don’t let mommas shame you for using formula as I, my children and thousands of humans have survived off of it.

But know that babies can get colicky because of the formula or even from breastmilk. If that’s the case, contact your pediatrician in case your little one has a milk allergy or is lactose intolerant. There are many different kinds of formulas. Cows milk, soy milk, goats milk…find what works for your baby. If your baby is still colicky: try gripe water, putting him down on his/her belly and rubbing their back, bicycle kicks, probiotic drops or visit a chiropractor. This is all information I have gotten from other mommas in a private Facebook groups going that these mommas are going through the same thing. If you are looking for local help, reach out your nearest WIC office or reach out to a lactation consultant.

At the end of the day all that matters is that your baby is nourished and your sanity.


Wagner, E., Chantry, C., Dewey, K. & Nommsen-Rivers, L. (2013 Oct). Breastfeeding concerns at 3 and 7 days postpartum and feeding status at 2 months. Pediatrics 132 (4): e865-e875. Retrieved from

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  1. Nina, thank you for showing the process you went through to try and achieve a final product. It’s interesting – other than the lack of captions in the first video, it seems to be more complete than the actual final version you created. That’s mainly due to the different styles of the video. But I definitely felt like I learned more from the first one. If you’re able to grab that video product from the first one and re-upload it to another service like YouTube or Kaltura and caption that, I think it would be worth it. You have a helpful message on a topic of some interest for many people.

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