Why have I never heard / downloaded this before in my life?!

For this "Get Productive" assignment, I downloaded Evernote. It would've been great use for the Search & Research assignment, since I had 2039 tabs open. I need to take notes on each one so first, I cite it in Word then highlight and then copy past important quotes right under. This program could've saved so much time!

I downloaded the program from the site: Evernote using my personal email. The following is a screenshot of the first steps. Further, I downloaded the web clipper, which will show as an option in an intro window. This button with their elephant logo is right next to the search in Safari, which is so convenient. Then it will open the "extensions" saying what you allow the web clipper to do. The scary part of this is that is can read sensitive information.

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 8.46.45 PM
Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 8.48.52 PM

After playing around with the web clipper, I learned how to take "notes". You can highlight an important part and click on the elephant icon which opens up a right side column with options on what to clip (the whole article, the quote, etc). In the case below, I clipped an article. It gives it the Word/Google doc feel where you can edit and highlight further.

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 9.09.08 PM

5 thoughts on “Get Productive”

  1. Hey Nina! I always enjoy reading your blog posts, your posts are insightful and easy to follow. I have not tried Evernote, but it looks like a pretty cool application. I may give it a shot. You should check out Tracy’s Get Productive blog post, she also downloaded Evernote. http://englishclasstechnology.com/choice-activities/get-productive-collection-4/ You both used screenshots to help show your process for downloading the application. Overall great job, I have enjoyed following your work through the course of this class.

  2. It seems you had a better experience with Evernote than some other Nousionauts! Along with One Note (by Microsoft), Evernote is the most used note-taking app. Which doesn’t make it the best, but does make it common. I find the Web Clipper quite useful and Evernote does indext text on images and image-based PDFs, which can be invaluable. Mostly I use it for myself and only share entire notebooks with other Evernote users.

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  4. Hi Nina! I read your post on Evernote and it got me thinking- how can it beneficial to keep it in my life? With some online tools, it can be hard to figure out what works and what doesn’t. As I was doing research on whether or not I wanted to try it out, I stumbled upon a post about all the different ways it can be beneficial and thought you could relate since you like it so much. Here’s the link because it convinced me to try it out and I have to say I was not disappointed.

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