This was the first curriculum I found on the subject and it held such high standards, that all other websites and ideas I found seemed sub-par. They offer resources for students, teachers and even parents. The Youtube videos are interactive and age appropriate that my son even was entertained watching. I explored their link for assessing student learning (screenshot below of example question). While I feel like this can be improved, it's still great teacher resources. Especially since they have free resources and school budgets aren't the biggest. That is what set this one apart. This is a non profit that provides endless resources versus other "nonprofits" that keep shoving monthly subscriptions etc like the next site below.

What doesn't make sense to me is the name "common sense education". I think it's not the best fit for such a resourceful website. I wish they took the domain "Global Digital Citizen Foundation" (as it matches better), but they are part of common sense media and others that help the company identity.

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 6.26.03 PM

Out of all sites I found, this was the one disliked the most so I decided to choose it. I expected so much from it when it popped up in my Google search. Maybe it was the name. But as soon as I digged around on the site, I was extremely let down. Here comes the power of domain owning. This non profit only provides resources to paying customers. Even to explore more, you have to fill out a form. Blah. This has a pricing option for monthly or districts. Which really threw me off. I know its a nonprofit and subscription is a new model, but they even tried selling a book on it. Idk it seemed more like an irrelevant site with nothing to do about digital citizenship. And all their "trusted" customers seem to be wealthy, private religious schools.
Tried Googling more info on them and found the resources (picture below). Classroom resources examples here.Β Honestly, the projects have nothing to do with digital citizenship and just link websites that have activities.

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DIY Digital Citizenship in Curriculums Podcast by CoolCatTeacher.

This podcast was so interesting to me. Why? Well, Ann Oro provides a new framework that I hadn't seen in my other searches. She teaches the teachers on how to individualize their own digital citizen curriculums. Here is a site on her work and partnership with Seton Hall. Here is a more detailed look at the curriculum per grade level. Had to do some digging around to find all the information though. Simplicity could improve the site.

She does work for a religious school in the pilot program (similar to Global Digital Citizen Foundation), so I wonder 'to be able to integrate technology in the classroom, do the programs have to be wealthy enough to afford it'?

Extra video I found interesting

5 thoughts on “Exploring Digital Citizenship”

  1. I’m not often surprised by the teachers and frameworks discovered as part of these explorations, but the work of Ann Oro is new to me and quite interesting. The resources document ( she shared to go along with her digi cit work will be useful! And the RCAN curriculum map is fascinating…I’m always curious how these kinds of institutions integrate their own frameworks into the educational process and it looks like they are doubling by also including digi cit elements along with the content and religious lens. Fascinating.

    The Global Digital Citizen foundation is disappointing. Even going through the process for the free account led only to ill-described and mostly uninteresting resources (so far).

    Almost everyone in class includes the Common Sense Education site and materials…and for good reason! That said, one critical question is how to integrate digi cit with the topical content…if you aren’t responsible for teaching digi cit directly (which might not be the best way anyway), then how can you achieve those digi cit learning outcomes in the context of the classes you teach?

    Tech note: could you link the headers (in the black boxes) to the sites they refer to? Also, the link to the transcript in the third header isn’t working for me. Does it work for you?

    1. I think through immersion like a domain of ones own is great to achieve dig cit learning outcomes. Have homework submissions through the Internet. A question I have is what age is best to start?
      I see the links didn’t work and I think it has to do with the setting of the black box itself so I change the ‘paragraph’ format. Hope it works now.

  2. I really liked the video you added. I thought that it was really informational and gave me a new perspective on teens and technology!! I also really love your page.

    1. Thank you Erika! Glad it was useful! It added perspective to me as well as shocked as I was to see how much schools are using more and more technology: iPads, etc.

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