I am very much a visual person, so I jotted down my brainstorming ideas on the iPad app 'Inflow'.
Digital citizenship reflects our history and daily actions on this realm or "country" called the Internet. I think about it this way. If the FBI looked at your browser history, a Google search of your name (links and images), social profiles, Internet activity, etc they can get a clear picture on who you are as an individual. So here in this brainstorming, I took ideas on what a daily/weekly log ins on the Internet look like. Our actions online aren't just gone, they are part of your "digital footprint". Your life and history in this "country".

2 thoughts on “Digital Citizenship”

  1. HI – I am not sure who you are as I got here from Chris’s page and a link to the site. I like the design aspect of your post. I have used this organic form for brainstorming with my students. I think it works really well for a lot of kids. Your post suggests a certain “watching and being watched” sort of attitude. I have been listening to some of the scuttlebutt about Congress trying to address this idea of privacy on the web. I don’t think they are making much headway. Facebook ( http://theconversation.com/facebook-data-harvesting-what-you-need-to-know-93959 ) does seem to be making some decisions about our privacy, which is nice — I am sure it is about their self image and wanting to be seen as a friend of the common people as opposed to just another harvester of information using that to try and sell us more stuff.

    1. Hey Tracy! I am also a student in the class. Thank you for your reply. I still work like this. Need to brainstorm everything including when I have catering events, this is what helps me prep.
      I hope they address it as other countries have. I recently deactivated my FB page and put privacy concerns as the reason why, so I am sure maybe that might be a reason they are addressing it as well. In addition to the backlash they have gotten in the media about the elections drama. And you are completely right about the self image part!

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