The following graphic is a personal ASL dictionary I made with the purpose of using it to create an ASL word search. Most of the programs to learn ASL are very expensive and knowing that, I created an ASL class for my Online Pedagogy class. I know I didn't make it for this class, but all the graphics I have done for this class are through online programs so I wanted to use something that I would REALLY be interesting in implementing a Creative Commons license for. Hopefully that is okay.


The reason why I chose BY-NC is because I want teachers and parents of deaf and hard of hearing to be able to access this freely. I do not believe in anybody making any profit off of it because I don't find it fair. Apps and textbooks are already expensive enough. What about those who come from poverty and have a child who is deaf and they want to learn ASL? The Internet can help in situations like this. I think they can change it to however they like, which is why I didn't choose ND. It did take me a long time to make it, but the main goal is to share and educate as many people as I can. 


Proper use would be an ASL teacher taking screenshots of individual letters for spelling something out as an example for a project or homework. This takes advantage of being able to change it and by acknowledging creator can even use it as a resource for other students to use.
If I were to find out, I would feel grateful that it is being used. Even if she used the whole thing and changed my name to hers/his, as long as I am acknowledged as the creator.


Improper use would be a deaf or hard of hearing parent designing a t-shirt with graphics used from this one I made and creating a saying with them (ex. Proud mom or I am deaf) and attempting to sell them on Etsy or somewhere else online for a profit.
If I were to find out, I would find out how to serve a cease and desist because the last thing I want is someone making profit off of free information.

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  1. That is so cool! So you used these images to create word searches? of the “find a word” kind?

    Thanks to the CC license…I am going to share this with a few folks who can definitely use it.

    Good choice on not using the ND too…being able to use the individual letters/signs is great.

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