Our team: Barbara Marshall, Benjamin Schlegel and Nina Vizcarrondo.
We ended up doing our brainstorming through Google docs. We created a book with "funny" memes on Book Creator, which is a pretty neat app because since it's an ebook it allows for pictures to have links. Scroll below to see it, you can click on the image stated that has our brainstorming info and you can click on images to find their sources.

This group project was a little difficult in the sense that it required two team members, so trying to find/coordinate between three people is hard on Twitter.  Then it made it hard because some people responded to be part of our team after it was already set. Which is why we decided to make a Slack so communication of choosing a partner is even throughout us all.

We were able to communicate much better via email and a Google doc. We are all on different schedules so it was hard to communicate. However, through Google docs using different color fonts we were able to put together all of our ideas and input for the final edit. Hope you enjoy our eBook!

2 thoughts on “Collaborate (a little)”

  1. I’m making similar comments for all three of you for obvious reasons!

    Well done. I agree that a lot of the time, this kind of project works better face-to-face, or at least that the methods of collaborating that way are more well-known to us. But, of course, that isn’t always an option! So good work exploring and figuring out how to get this project done. Given that distributed work is an inescapable reality for many of us, this kind of activity is just a seed for learning how to have it work better. And having done this for many years, it can work wonderfully well sometimes. The flip side of the difficulties is being able to work with some great people one might not have any ability to work with any other way!

    Interesting that you chose Slack. Was this because you had used it before? I used Slack instead of Twitter for this class last Summer (we use Slack all over the place at my workplace) but didn’t feel it was the best fit.

    Using different fonts/colors is a good strategy. And I assume you are aware of the ability to view a “revision history” of a Google Doc?

    As for your product: very cool creating the book and some nice amusing images! I have to quibble with #4 a little…though I admire the bit of snark and the reality that collaborative work can test relationships and even cause friction, I’ve simply seen it work the opposite way too many times. I and many others have made solid friendships through remote collaboration! So I think the assertion of “the opposite of friendship” might be a little over the top 🙂

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