What is big data?


Big data is pretty much all the information we are giving out in this digital world. How often we log into the Internet, what we search, what sites we visit, how often/how long we are on social media, the photos we upload, our locations, what links we click on and much more. Check out the video below.


Have you wondered why Facebook/Google ads are of recent sites you've visited, of products you put in a cart, of an item you just purchased at the grocery store?

"Big Data Revolution is such that all kinds of human activities and decisions are beginning to be influenced by big data predictions, including dating, shopping, medicine, education, voting, law enforcement, terrorism prevention, and cybersecurity (Richards and King)."

What is big data ethics?

Examples of ethical issues of the data collected on every digital citizen are privacy, confidentiality, transparency, and identity.


We have no idea what kind of information on us are collected. with whom it is shared with and what those third parties do with said information.
"Existing privacy protections focused on managing personally identifying information are not enough when secondary uses of big data sets can reverse engineer past, present, and even future breaches of privacy, confidentiality, and identity (ibid)."

Current controversial events, such as the Snowden reveal or the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal are what have gotten consumers to double think what they share. Cambridge Analytica, based in the UK actually have legal implications on protecting consumer privacy under The Data Protection Act of 1998. In the U.S. there are no legal protections.

Overall for solutions, sites recommended two things:
1) Protect your own data. Control what you share.
2) Put pressure on the government/local political party for consumer advocacy.

I think we are talking about this in our class because as we explore what digital citizenship means, we are exploring a world/space/realm that is gathering information on our behaviors.

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