If you Google my name, I am not the Harvard graduate movie producer. The Nina Vizcarrondo that is me will have something to do with farmers markets, veterans, cooking, the Coast Guard, my sorority Lambda Theta Alpha, volunteering or my alma mater New York University.

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Born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, I moved to the mainland to live the "American Dream" when I graduated high school. Moving to Florida, I faced the most difficult moments of my life. Joining the Coast Guard is the only thing that helped me get through. Using my G.I. Bill after getting out, I was able to complete my BS in "Food Studies and Nutrition" and a minor in "American Sign Language" at New York University.



The question I've probably gotten the most, after "how do you pronounce your name?" My parents still think I studied to be a cook. Well, food studies is a mix.
cooking, writing, history, anthropology, contemporary issues, photography and more.
I am ALL about food. As you will see on my Twitter @LaFoodist.
Here is my official first food article.

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"Subsistence is a constitutional right"

One of my passions since moving to Sitka is food justice. I am a member of Alaska Native Sisterhood and have been in protests and been involved in resolutions to recognize subsistence rights. There is no reason why Congress paid fishermen for the lack of fish (i.e. pink salmon) under the Magnuson Stevens Act, but when subsistence hunters declare a state of emergency nothing is done. Raising food stamps aren't a sustainable solution.

If I could change something in the world it would be to never have a child suffer from hunger or abuse.


My brother is deaf and taught ASL to his kids, so I really wanted to learn to teach my son to communicate with them. I currently work as a para for Sitka School District working with deaf/hard of hearing children.
I am currently pursuing my Masters in Education on the "Online Innovation and Design" program at UAF. As an active duty spouse, it is difficult to constantly move. Teaching online is my only chance at a consistent career. I realized this could be a career when I was approached by a professor to be her assistant in handling all the online course stuff: submissions, gradings, etc.

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anything food, spending time with my family, reading, boating, fishing, camping, cooking, hoarding cookbooks, volunteering.
If I could change something about myself, it'd be to have less material things (clothing, shoes, kitchen stuff, etc).

Book currently reading
: Eating Puerto Rico
Last impactful movie watched: Wind River

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The list above doesn't include my many unpaid internships/volunteering activities. I have interned catering for The Green Table in Chelsea Market, NYC and under the guidance of Chef Emily Peterson (catering company Hen & Honey) we have cooked for events at Brooklyn Brewery and for notable companies at Astor Wines in NYC.

My social media accounts are in the top right and bottom of this page.  I'm sure there are others out there I forgot the password to.

One of my hobbies are to play around with WordPress and attempt to design websites. So other places I exist on the ether are behind the following sites:
Alaska Native Sisterhood, Camp 4

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cluck. cluck. OUT.

6 thoughts on “Barbaric Blog Yawp”

  1. Nina,

    Nice post. I took this clas last summer. The # is informing my Twitter so I am reading along.

    I really like the content and layout of your YAWP. I also like the story about coming to the US.

    Years ago I graduated from SJC and so I remember feeling likewise that substance was a constitutional right. After many years of living in Maine my perspective has softened. Now that I live in Southwest AK I am taking another turn as well. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Hey Bob!
      Thank you for your post and compliment! Things have changed a lot here in Sitka in regards to subsistence. After many proposals from Sitka Tribe of Alaska to have a moratorium on herring and protesting to the Board of Fish, the herring barely came this year. The fishery was closed because they weren’t even able to harvest 1/4 of the quota. It irks me that throughout Board of Fish proposals and testimony, traditional knowledge isn’t viewed as valuable as a ‘certified’ pilot or scientist. It’s not even bad bad here. It is worse up in Gambell Islands where they depend more on subsistence livelihood and haven’t been able to get their walrus harvests because of the overfishing of pollock. They have declared a state of emergency, unacknowledged by the state. Very, very sad.

  2. Hola Nina,

    ¡Gracias por compartir! Cada vez más (aún que no por las mismas razones que tú) me siento que enseñar por la red es necesario para tener “a consistent career”.

    I am new to WordPress, so I appreciate your post to see what can result after getting to play around a bit.

    Again, thanks for sharing!

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