ABC's de Puerto Rico
Comidas de la Isla / Foods of the Island

Well, I am sure you all know by now that I am always thinking about food. With the disaster of Hurricane Maria passing through Puerto Rico, a new anxiety has formed for those of us who live away.
There is a need to feel connected.
Food is the way.

For this project, I used Book Creator. It was pretty smooth and easy to use. However, it was a mess trying to include a video from Youtube. My iTunes wasn't linking with the app and I kept getting error messages, so I just taped a section of the video and input it from my library. I faced so many difficulties trying to publish it here. Downloaded three plugins that didn't work. What saved me was Amy's post. I saw she used Book Creator too and she said that she just signed up for a free teacher account and was able to publish it. And that is what I did. Thank you Amy!

Every edited picture to include text, I used the iPad app "Under Ink". LOVED the app. I learned how to use it so quickly, which helped because I had so many pages to add letters to. Thought it would be easy if I just did a children's vocabulary book. I quickly found out how difficult finding a word for every letter would be, so some letters aren't in the beginning of the word. Also, I couldn't find any food with the W so I had to include an English word. If you see what I used, you'll notice I had to switch this from a children's book to like a teenager/historical book.

For those Puerto Ricans that probably are upset I didn't use another food, this was merely for homework purposes. I had to choose ONE picture per letter, so bare with me. Sorry, I didn't include morcillas and tostones de pana and piraguas. I have to stop before I get too hungry.

Thanks for reading/viewing.


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