• Last year, I worked for a cruise ship company and I received a very upset phonecall from a potential guest on how we didn't have any accommodations for wheelchairs. So my question is....

    Are cruise ships subjected to ADA?

  • Living in New York and having a family member who required wheelchair assistance made for a hectic travel between subway stations. Since all of them were done before ADA, they are not required to have accommodations. However, Boston's subway system is just as old and has way more subway stations with wheelchair access. Also, many NYC subway stations have remodeled, yet some still didn't add wheelchair access after remodeling. So my Β question is...

    When subway stations 'remodel', are they then subject to comply with ADA?

  • Many universities have a specific disability office. In most case scenarios, they reach out to the teacher of the class and work one on one for the student. So my question is...

    Are there any universities that do training for the entire staff? (Not waiting on that scenario and in an attempt to create a "Universal Design" school?)

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  1. Cruise ships do have accommodations. I think that any entity that does not receive federal funding is not necessarily required to meet ADA standards. However, they do because of wanting the business.

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